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Radiation Safety Advisory Service

Radiation Safety Advisory Services Available:

  • Gauge Wipe Tests:  conducted by Tracerco Australia RPA’s onsite; advising customer staff on how to conduct wipe tests and is required every year for radiation gauges.
  • Gauge Compliance Testing: our RPAs are licensed to conduct the required 3-yearly compliance tests of gauges.
  • Radiation Safety Training Courses:  conducted both onsite and offshore or at our fully equipped training facility at our Perth office.
  • Advice on Compliance with National and International Legislation: interpreting the requirements of national and international legislation and advising on its applicability to customer operations; liaising with Regulatory Authorities on behalf of customers.
  • Risk Assessment: providing technical input to clients’ radiation risk assessments and identifying appropriate controls for radiation hazards.
  • Safety and Compliance Auditing: on site and office based auditing of the application of radiation safety standards to ensure safe working conditions and verification that operations are legally compliant.
  • Production of Procedures and Emergency Plans:  developing procedures, radiation management plans, radiation security plans and emergency plans for clients, including those in countries where legislation is in its infancy.
  • Radioactive Waste Management Advice: carrying out environmental impact assessments; advising on appropriate methods for disposing of radioactive waste
  • Investigation and Reporting of Radiation Incidents: undertake independent investigations of radiation incidents in accordance with legislative guidelines;  providing detailed reports addressing root cause and remedial actions;  responding outside of normal hours to give assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • Radiation Survey and Contamination Survey: carrying out radiation monitoring surveys to establish levels of contamination in plant and equipment and in the environment.
  • Transport:  provide advice on the transport of radioactive materials 
  • Disposal of Gauges and Sources: Tracerco has the ability to safely dispose of radioactive sealed sources via our network of offices and partners.
  • NORM: Tracerco has 50 years experience working with NORM in the North Sea, UK and more recently in UAE, USA and Australia. We can provide NORM advice, NORM training and assistance with the preparation of NORM documentation and procedures. This, combined with our extensive experience of onsite NORM detection using our range of contamination monitors, ensures that your company has a complete understanding of NORM with procedures in place to handle and control it.
  • Laboratory Radiological Survey: on site safety audits consisting ofa review of the use and safe handling procedures for radioactive material used in laboratories. A comprehensive review of documentation is undertaken relating to the radioactive material on site, a review of compliance with licence conditions imposed by the regulatory bodies, visual inspection of the laboratory and wipe testing of surfaces in the laboratory to monitor for radioactive surface contamination.
  • Source Recycling: Tracerco manage, remove, recycle and replace radioactive sources used in conjunction with its products and services.

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