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The Intrinsically Safe Tracerco™ Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) PED-IS

The Tracerco™ PED-IS is attractive to workers who are not specially trained to measure radiation exposure, and it's safe to use to measure nuclear radiation exposure in potentially explosive environments, (Intrinsically Safe).

Everything on the dosimeter has been designed with the user in mind; the display features radiation graph measurements and a simple diagram of a man who fills with colour depending on the dose of radiation received.

DoseVision™, the software interface for the radiation dosimeter has specifically been developed to be intuitive to use, and the dosimeter comes with a quick start guide which has been edited by the plain English campaign to make it easy to understand.

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The benefits of using our radiation dosimeter are:

  • As the dosimeter is intrinsically safe there is no need for a hot work permit.*
  • The dosimeter has one of the largest memories on the market, which means it reduces the risk of radiation exposure data being overwritten when the memory is full.
  • The dosimeter is easy to read with a large Amoled display screen.
  • Icons and one touch operation of the dosimeter means its simple to use and there is no need to continually look at the user manual.
  • The dosimeter is very flexible as you can chose from 3 radiation measurement modes and four different radiation alarm settings.
  • You can use the dosimeter for measuring radiation exposure in all weathers.
  • You can wear the dosimeter several ways as the screen can be flipped.

* please refer to specification table below

There are some radiation dosimeter accessories available with the monitor including:

Tracerco™ PED-IS


Tracerco™ PED-IS Spec Table

For more information about the Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) PED-IS please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you

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