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Radiation Monitors

Radiation MonitorsTracerco Australia provides a range of intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe radiation monitors to measure dose rates of radiation or identify process and environmental impurities.

All devices are fitted with Intrinsic Safety (IS), which allows the radiation monitors to function safely in the presence of explosive gas mixtures and eliminates the need for a specific hot work permit.

All of Tracerco Australia's radiation devices are designed to be lightweight, while remaining robust and comfortable when used over extended periods in the field.

Contamination monitors have a number of additional key features to make life easier for the operator, including peak reading. Furthermore, the dose rate provides additional operational features, such as peak dose rate memory and personal dose integration.

Tracerco Australia offers the T202 device, an intrinsically safe radiation dose rate monitor, which can measure gamma radiation dose rates in Sv/h.

We also provide the T401 and T402, which are the non-intrinsically safe alternatives to the T202. They retain the same high level of functionality and robust construction for field operation; therefore have been shown to address clear market needs in the, Mining, Mineral Sands, Uranium, Power Plant, Defence, Industrial Research and Educational sectors.

Tracerco's wipe test service can analyse your gauges, and fulfils the requirement to have radiation gauges wipe tested annually. Our service is approved by The Radiological Council of WA.

The product quality and technical performance of the radiation monitor service is reinforced through regular external audits by Lloyds Assessors. All products have ATEX (Europe) and FM (USA) approvals.

Intrinsically Safe Radiation Survey Meters

Intrinsically Safe Radiation Monitors

PED Family

Tracerco has designed the PED family to be the easiest personal radiation monitors to use and understand on the market.


The ultimate tool for obtaining accurate NORM measurements in hazardous areas or difficult conditions.

Doserate Meter - T202

Specifically designed to combine intrinsic safety with ruggedised but lightweight construction.

Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED)

The TRACERCO™ PED is attractive to workers who are not specially trained to measure radiation exposure, and it's safe to use to measure nuclear radiation exposure in potentially explosive environments, (Intrinsically Safe)

Non-Intrinsically Safe Radiation Survey Meters

Contamination Meter - T401

Provides a highly cost effective alternative where intrinsic safety is not a consideration.

Doserate Meter - T402

For use in a wide variety of industrial applications where there is a presence of radioactive material.

Contamination Meter - T403

Designed to meet the challenge of combining operational reliability under adverse conditions with excellent sensitivity and ruggedised construction.

X Ray Radiation Meter T406

A radiation leak can have serious consequences if it goes unnoticed. The T406 makes sure you have peace of mind.

Accessories, Calibration, Hire and Repair


Find out more about our wide range of accessories design specifically for our own products.

Radiation Survey Meter Calibration

Tracerco provides a fast, efficient and professional calibration service for all type of radiation survey meter.

Radiation Survey Meter Hire

Tracerco offers for hire a wide range of monitoring instruments.

Radiation Survey Meter Repair

Tracerco has established monitor repair facilities where trained and experienced staff carry out speedy and effective repairs.

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