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Tracerco offer a wide range of radiation survey meter accessories for use with our wised range of radiation survey meters.

Accessories for the TRACERCO™ NORM Meter-IS

The TRACERCO™ NORM Meter-IS is available to purchase with different combinations of handset and probes depending on your requirements. Further available accessories include spare scintaillator probe with embedded calibration, spare GM probe with embedded calibration, GM probe extension arm (90cm), Sr-90 check source and safety signs and labels.

Extension Clamp Kit for Radiation Dose Rate Meter

Extension Clamp Kit

The T202 and T402 dose rate radiation meters can be used with an extension kit.

The meters’ peak measurement function provides the capability to record the highest dose rate the instrument has been exposed to. Used with the Extension Clamp Kit, the peak measurement mode allows you to assess levels of radiation exposure remotely, thus limiting the exposure of workers.

The Extension Clamp Kit also allows you to assess the radiation field in difficult to access areas, reducing the time taken to carry out routine source checks. The pole can be increased by 2 metres by adding extra pole lengths.

Contamination Meter Check SourcesContamination Meter Check Sources

The TRACERCO™ Contamination Meter Check Source provides an invaluable safety test in providing reassurance to the operator.

Supplied in a robust presentation case this 100Bq Sr90 check source is exempt from transport regulations and comes complete with a certificate of activity.

Transit CasesTransit Cases

A choice of robust, weatherproof storage and transportation cases are available to complement the range of Tracerco radiation survey meters.

Complete with a purpose moulded, shock resistant insert of dense foam the cases are suitable for use in the most hostile of environments, providing additional protection for your radiation survey meters when not in use.

Protective Leather Holders Protective Leather Holders

Protective Leather Holders

A range of uniquely designed protective cases are available for the T201 / T401 / T403 / T202 / T402 radiation survey meters and the Tracerco™ Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) as an optional purchasing extra.

Safety Signs & LabelsSafety Signs & Labels

In response to customer demand, Tracerco's Radiation Survey Meter Services Group now offers a range of radiation warning signs and adhesive labels to ensure compliance with regulations and to safeguard your workforce.

In addition to the labels and signs currently offered, Tracerco can provide custom-made signage upon request.

Safety Signs & Labels

Lanyard for the TRACERCO™ PED

A lanyard is available with the TRACERCO™ PED.

Charging the TRACERCO™ PED

There are two docks available for charging the TRACERCO™ PED and transferring data to your PC.

The TRACERCO™ PED is usually sold with a desk top charger. A travel charger is also available which is smaller and lighter for transportation.

There is also an in car charger available.

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